Contributing towards Non-Proliferation and Security through Effective Export Management of Sensitive Goods and Technologies

Welcome to the Goods Enquiry Tool (GET)

The Goods Enquiry Tool is designed to find out the goods and other relevant details appearing in Pakistan National Control Lists of dual use goods & technologies. This tool serves as 1st response to ascertain if the goods are subject to SECDIV license. However, item specific enquiry can be submitted to SECDIV for a comprehensive review and classification. This would require the potential exporter to register, log in and provide information as per the given form/ format. Such an enquiry can also be generated through SLIMS. GET facilitates the customers in the following manner: -

  • Helps to establish if the goods are subject to SECDIV licensing and identify the specific entry on the Control lists (CLs).
  • Users can access GET without log in and password or other information.
  • If you are a registered SLIMS user, you can also access GET from within SLIMS once you are logged in.

How to use GET

  • Click the Goods Enquiry Tool (GET) link below.
  • Enter the keyword to be enquired in the search bar.
  • Please ensure correct spellings.
  • In advance search, more key terms can be searched.    


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(Result of GET is neither a legal or official opinion of SECDIV nor should it be taken as final classification. Users are advised to initiate formal enquiry through normal mail or electronically after completing the registration process, if required.)

Goods Enquiry Tools (GET)

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