Contributing towards Non-Proliferation and Security through Effective Export Management of Sensitive Goods and Technologies

Pakistan – China Bilateral Meeting on Strategic Export Controls

A delegation of the Bureau of Industry, Security, Import and Export Control (BISIEC) of the Ministry of Commerce, People’s Republic of China visited Strategic Export Control Division (SECDIV), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan on 18 March 2019. The Chinese delegation was led by Mr. Jiang Qianliang, Deputy Director General (BISIEC), People’s Republic of China, Dr. Zafar Ali, Director General SECDIV led the Pakistan side.   

Strategic Export Controls experts from the two sides shared their views and best practices. The two sides apprised each other about the latest developments in respective strategic export control systems, inter-agency coordination mechanism, licensing processes of dual use items, and capacity building of enforcement agencies. The Chinese delegation acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts and appreciated the progress on harmonization of its strategic export control policies and practices with international standards.

Such interactions are part of Pakistan’s consistent effort to engage with the international community to mutually benefit from the best practices.

Pakistan’s non-proliferation measures and the steps taken to further strengthen its export controls are well recognized by the international community.

The two sides agreed to continue this process in the future.

18 March 2019